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Prestige Home Improvements specialise in creating new living space or a home office and life into your old loft space. Creative use of Velux® or dormer windows with bespoke lighting and excellent finishing touches that enhance not just your loft space, but your entire home.

Our team of professionals have the experience to turn any loft space into new rooms for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. We can work with your vision to turn small attic rooms into modern, open areas with bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms, studies or even larger projects. Prestige Home Improvements has all the skills and trades necessary to improve your home, including craftsman-built staircases to give you access to your new loft conversion.

The best loft conversion?
We are often asked what is the best way to convert your loft to maximize the space in the roof area. Whether you are after a new master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, a home-office or bedrooms for your family. The answer is often 'it depends' - but what is certain is that working from your vision - possibly architects drawings, or possibly just a vague idea, our experience and know-how will take your vision and specification and turn it into clear, costed plans.

We are happy to design and build master bedrooms with fully-plumbed en-suite bathrooms, or home-offices with ethernet network wiring installed (ask us about the potential for multi-media rooms!). There is no 'best' answer to the question - but you can be sure that Prestige Home Improvements will make the best of your space, in line with your ideas.

For some examples of our work, see the images below or please Contact Us for more details and to discuss your loft conversion in detail.

Your Loft Conversion and Planning Permission

You may be surprised to discover that not all loft conversions require planning permission. A key factor in determining if your loft conversion will require planning permission is to assess what impact the loft conversion project on the aspect of your building. For example, any loft conversion that includes a dormer window WILL require planning permission, as you have changed the outline of your home.

Velux Windows (and other roof lights/windows): According to the Government’s Planning Portal, there's not normally need for planning permission to install rooflights or skylights into your roof. The rules on permitted development allow for roof alterations based on the following limits and conditions:
  • Any windows installed to a property will be no more than 150mm above the existing roof plane.
  • No alteration will be higher than the highest part of the roof and protrude over the roof ridge.
  • Side-facing windows will have obscure glazing and should not be openable unless it's over 1.7m above the floor.
  • No alterations or replacements will have to be made to a chimney, flue or soil and vent pipe as a result of the installation of the roof window.

Home Offices and loft extensions - A New Way to Work

loft conversion and dormer windowOne of the most frequent enquiries we receive if from families looking to create a Home Office for parent(s) who are able to work from home regularly, or perhaps wish run an office-based small business from home.

This offers a lot of scope and we are happy to include network cabling and routing into the plans. If your business has special requirements for computer equipment or communications, then we can also accommodate this.

We can build a light, creative working space for either an individual or a small team - all while retaining the look and feel of your existing property.

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At Prestige we have previously carried out the bulk of our work across the South of England (Bournemouth, Oxford, Basingstoke, London, Reading, Wiltshire, Surrey, Sussex etc) but we also cover the Midlands and West England.

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