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Prestige do all aspects of roof work - see below for details - or we can also just single parts of the process depending on your requirements, from minor jobs such as gutter or conservatory/UPVC cleanings or a simple moss removal (by jet wash or dry scrub), right up to a full roof revamp and colouring.

We also offer emergency roof protection services as well as roof repairs, tile replacements and repointing.

Our roof coatings are available in a variety of colours which can also be seen at our newly revamped show home. For further details, have a look at our portfolio page, or Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

Prestige Home Improvements will carry out roof repairs and roof upgrades including deep-cleangin, resin coatings and anti-fungal cleaning. We work throughout the South of England, including Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Reading, Wiltshire and London.

Prestige will also cover other areas, so if you would like to use our services in your area please click here and get in touch!

The Deep Clean

First we carry our our deep cleaning service. We extensively clean tiles using our high-powered 360 directional wash system that eliminates all traces of moss, algae, lichen, dirt build-up, carbonation and other pollutants. We also clean guttering and fascias by removing unwanted film, blockage and other types of build-up.

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Anti Fungle Wash

Then we apply an anti-fungicide seal to your roof which insures that no moss or lichen will grow on it. The seal also provides a waterproof barrier to eliminate the risk of any leaks.

Repair & Restore

Next, we survey the entire roof for defects. The mortar found between the crests, ridges and hip tiles are tested to make sure they are not broken or loose. These areas are then treated by re-pointing with a specialised binding mortar. Following this, we attend to the ridges, caps and crests.

These are then aligned with the aid of specialist equipment to ensure that the work receives a 'Category C rating' roofing standard. Any roof tiles that are broken, damaged or exfoliated in any manner are replaced with new ones. The mortar verges are then sealed, skimmed and treated as well within this part of the process.

Protecting Your Roof

For the next stage we apply our Coatings Sealant, which is a vital component of our Roof Coating System. We apply it with great care over the entire surface of the roof that is being treated in order to reinforce the micro-elasticity of exfoliated tiles, allowing them to bond. Such sealant helps stabilise and seals the surface of the roof and also creates an ideal working platform for the final coating to be applied.

Your Brand New Look

The final coat will be responsible for giving the roof a totally new look as it mimics the appearance of a newly fitted roof. When the whole renovation process is completed, you will see a significant change on the appearance not only of your roof but your entire home.

This will definitely boost the value of your property, and with our 10 year guarantee you can expect to have a roof that you will enjoy for a very long time.

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At Prestige we have previously carried out the bulk of our work across the South of England (Bournemouth, Oxford, Basingstoke, London, Reading, Wiltshire, Surrey, Sussex etc) but we also cover the Midlands and West England.

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